Explore dates of all indian festivals and holidays celebrated by various religions in India.

Indian Festival Calendar 2022

Indian Festivals in 2022 - India can be described as an extremely vibrant country, and each Indian enjoys a variety of festivals all through the entire year. Every festival is celebrated uniquely by different religions, communities, states, but with the same enthusiasm. In celebration of them, paying for an excursion to India can be a wonderful opportunity to discover the wealth of Indian traditions and culture.

It is stated that festivals reveal the depth and richness of the culture of a country is. And it's is it true! Every state in India is unique in its culture as well as traditions and beliefs, which are reflected in the festivals that they celebrate. In other words, every one of them is a mirror that shows reflections of the place and its inhabitants clear and distinctly. Explore a list of Indian festivals and holidays to be celebrated with calendar dates, and months.

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