Explore date, history and celebrations of National Best Friends Day - A day dedicated to the true bond of Friendship.

National Best Friends Day 2024

National Best Friends Day - A word with an insurmountable emotion and memories in itself, “best friend” is someone with whom we share a part of ourselves that not everybody gets to see. Whether we see them often or only occasionally, true friends never drift apart. So, when you have a bond so special that supersedes time and distance, it deserves a dedicated day for celebration. National Best Friends Day is celebrated annually to cherish the strong bond we share with our best friends.

When is National Best Friends Day Celebrated?

To commemorate a day dedicated to best friends, the US Congress congregated in 1935 and it was decided that June 8 will be celebrated as National Best Friends Day. While the hearing did not declare it a national holiday, people enjoy going to school and work as a chance to meet and spend this day celebrating. School children exchange friendship bracelets, cards, and other knick-knacks while adults take a thoughtful route of gifting flowers or going the extra mile of having a special lunch with their best friends.

Initially celebrated in the United States alone, the internet made the date popular across the world that June 8 is a special day for best friends, albeit National Friendship Day still rules on the first Sunday of August.

National Best Friends Day 2024 Date

The much awaited day to celebrate with best friends in 2024 will be observed on June 8th (Saturday).

History of National Best Friends Day

Before National Best Friends Day was established on June 8, National Friendship Day already had a significant fan base. But, this didn’t deter friends from taking an extra opportunity to have an adventure with their closest pals. National Best Friends Day celebrations have grown exponentially since the advent of social media. In 2017, there were over 150 recognized countries and jurisdictions celebrating National Best Friends Day. Celebrities, politicians, and everyday citizens have all shown their support for the day.

Significance of National Best Friends Day

Friendship is one of the most important things in a person's life and it can be found everywhere, from childhood friendships to adult relationships. A lot can be said about the benefits of friendship, but one of the most important things is that it strengthens relationships. It can be difficult to find friends in today's society, but it is even harder to maintain close friendships. Keeping a best friend is especially beneficial because the kind of emotional support we get from a best friend is unmatched. They also help in any way they can whenever the need arises and help you stay grounded in difficult times. National Best Friends Day is a reminder to celebrate the importance of friendship and to make sure to keep those close to us!

National Best Friends Day is important because it celebrates all the wonderful friendships that are out there. It's a day to get together and appreciate the special bond that exists between best friends. Whether you've been friends for years or just met recently, spending time with your best friends is always a fun experience.

National Best Friends Day is also important because it gives us a chance to think about the friendships that we have. We can reflect on the good times we've had together and the ways in which our friendship has helped us through difficult times.

National Best Friends Day is an annual day that celebrates the importance of friendship. According to The Friendship Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to support relationships between people, friendship is “the foundation of happiness and well-being.” This is because friendships provide support and help us feel connected to others, which can make life more enjoyable.

The Friendship Foundation also says that friendships can have a positive impact on our lives in other ways too. For example, friendships can help us deal with stress, improve our mental health, and give us strength during difficult times. In fact, research has shown that close friendships are actually one of the strongest forms of social support there.

Celebration on National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day is a day to celebrate the special bonds that are formed between best friends. On this day, we should remember all of the good times we’ve shared with the people we consider to be our best friends. Whether it’s going for walks, bonding over movie nights, or just spending time together talking, these friendships are priceless. So make sure to spend some quality time with your best friend on National Best Friends Day!

So what does this mean for National Best Friends Day? A confidant we’re grateful to have in our lives. From the times when you shared your lunch with them in school to the days you clink glasses at promotions or weddings, best friends are your ride or die. So whether you’re celebrating with a dinner party or just spending time together offline, some quality time spent with your best friends is a celebration on its own.

There is no one way to celebrate National Best Friends Day, but there are a few things you can do to commemorate the special bond between best friends. Spending time together, taking pictures, writing letters, and sharing memories are all great ways to remember all the great times you’ve shared with your best friend.