During Navratri, Devotees wear different nine colors dress each day to please the Goddess Durga, Explore Navratri colors to be followed in 2024.

2024 Navratri Nine Colors

Navratri is a Hindu festival that spans over nine days and is celebrated twice a year during the months of Chaitra and Sharada. This occasion is dedicated to the nine different forms of Goddess Durga, which are Shailputri, Chandraghanta, Brahmcharini, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidarti.

Each avatar is invoked on every day of the festival. Nine nights praise Nine Goddesses along with the nine colors- orange, yellow, white, royal blue, grey, purple, peacock and red, associated with them. Incorporating these nine colors during Navratri in one’s life is considered propitious. Though according to Hindu Calender, Navratri falls four times a year during the months of Magha Gupt, Chaitra, Ashadha Gupta and Shardiya. But it is widely celebrated twice in the months of Chaitra which concludes with Ram Navami and Shardiya which concludes with Durga Pooja and Dussehra (Vijyadashmi) with full fanfare.

Navratri Colors

Significance of Navratri Colors

According to Hindu Mythology, one should imbibe the nine colours assigned to each day of Navratri in her/his life by wearing clothes or decorating the home with the respective colour.

Navratri Day 01 - October 03, 2024, Thursday
Navratri color of the day - Yellow brightens out with the cheer of joy and enthusiasm. Just like the colour orange, yellow is again a warm colour that adds up warmth to one’s life. And the first thing that strikes the mind after imagining colour yellow is the beautiful garland of Marigold flowers. Worshipping Navdurga with this color bestows devotees with unparalleled optimism.

Navratri Day 02 - October 04, 2024, Friday
Navratri color of the day - Green is the color of Mother Nature. Nature is as powerful as the Goddess itself. It awakens a sense of growth and fertility. Nature also signifies peace and serenity and so does the color green. This color of the Goddess of Navratri promotes new beginnings in life. People use Torans made out of mango leaves, hung on their doors for decorations. They wear green attire to celebrate the happiness of Navratri.

Navratri Day 03 - October 05, 2024, Saturday
Navratri color of the day - Grey signifies balance. It is a perfect balance between light and darkness. Preaching the Goddess with this color gets the devotee rid of instability and anxiousness, keeps them humble at heart and removes egoistic thoughts from their consciousness.

Navratri Day 04 - October 06, 2024, Sunday
Navratri color of the day - Orange colour represents warmth and high spirits. Worshipping Navdurga with orange blossoms and orange attire bestows the person with positivity and energy. Other than wearing clothes people decorate their houses with garlands of marigold Flowers.

Navratri Day 05 - October 07, 2024, Monday
Navratri color of the day - White symbolizes purity, peace and innocence. Incorporating this colour through clothes and decorations to preach Goddess Navdurga, it is believed that the person gets rid of his/her worries and anxieties. Devotees make Kheer in devotion to impress the Goddess of Shakti.

Navratri Day 06 - October 08, 2024, Tuesday
Navratri color of the day - Red is the colour of fearlessness, passion and love. This colour is believed to bring out vigour and vitality in the life of devotees. It symbolizes the fierce form of the Goddess. Red is the most preferred colour of offering to the Goddesses in the Hindu culture. Red Bindi, Lipstick, Chunri, and Sindoor are some of the most known offerings by the devotees. The red rose is said to be the most loved flower by the Goddesses. This colour holds ultimate religious importance tied it to.

Navratri Day 07 - October 09, 2024, Wednesday
Navratri color of the day - Royal blue, the colour of supreme grace and elegance. It is the colour of richness and tranquility. It signifies the depth of wisdom. Celebrating the day with this color brings out serenity. The faith is that royal blue brings improvement in one’s health and wealth. Navdurga is adorned in royal blue attire and offered florets of the same.

Navratri Day 08 - October 10, 2024, Thursday
Navratri color of the day - Pink This color is assoicated with universal love, affection and harmony.

Navratri Day 09 - October 11, 2024, Friday
Navratri color of the day - Purple is the colour of majesty and affluence. Preaching Navdurga with purple flowers and purple attire bestows devotees with abundance and luxury.

Significance of Navratri Colors: In Maharashtra & Gujarat

These Navratri colors are more prevalent in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Women wear dresses of a similar Navratri color of the day, followed by Dandiya-Raas, Garba and Lavni for celebrations. In Gujarat, people play Garba for ten days continuously starting from the evening to the next day early in the morning. Women wear chaniya cholis, whereas it is kedias and turban for men. Some out of devotion fast for nine days. For Gujuratis it is time to celebrate the monsoon harvest and fertility. Nine nights are broken into three sections. The first three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga, the next three days to Maa Lakshmi and the last three days to Maa Saraswati. People gather in open spaces to celebrate SHAKTI, the feminine divinity.

In Maharashtra Navratri, the rituals start with Ghatasthapanaon on the first day. An earthen pot filled with water is placed on a pitcher with a large mouth made of mud and is filled with soil. In the soil 7 types of seeds/grains are sown in it while reciting the mantras. Women worship this vessel for 9 days and water them regularly so that the seeds can germinate. On the eighth day (ashtami), yajna is performed to obtain blessings from Navdurga. After the seeds sprout, plants are pulled from the vessel. Women from the Matang community are invited and offered food & grains. Matang women are believed to be embodiments of Goddess Matangi. Finally, on the 10th day, Vijyadashami is observed when people visit their neighbourhood/ relatives/ friends and offer Apta leaves/ saplings which are considered Gold (Sona).

Why colors of 9 days in Navratri change every year?

Navratri colors change every year. We have a different set of colors every year. The reason behind this is that each day is assigned a specific color. So the color pattern depends on the day when the Navratri starts.

Monday - White
Tuesday - Red
Wednesday - Royal Blue
Thursday - Yellow
Friday - Green
Saturday - Grey
Sunday - Orange

Now, Navratri is a nine days process. So if it starts on Monday, we will have 2 Mondays and 2 Tuesdays as a whole. Accordingly, the colors for the repeating days will be:

Second Monday - Peacock Green
Second Tuesday - Pink
Second Wednesday - Sky blue
Second Thursday - Pink
Second Friday - Purple
Second Saturday - Peacock Green
Second Sunday - Purple

This color pattern changes if the day gets repeated.