Rose Day is celebrated to mark the beginning of valentine's week on Feb 07. Celebrate this Rose Day with a beautiful Rose for your sweetheart.

Rose Day in 2023

Rose Day is celebrated every year on Feb 7 to mark the beginning of Valentine's week with gifting Roses. People in love gift various types of roses to their soul mate on this day. This day is quiet popular among young couples, Newly wed and people romantic at heart irrespective of their age to show their love and affection by gifting a red rose. Rose day will be celebrated on 7th February in 2023 across India and various other countries. The day witnesses a peak demand for Red roses across the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore in India. The day witness a good crowd in restaurants and fine dining centers as many of them plan for a surprise dinner or lunch with their beloved partner.

Gift a lovely red rose to your soul mate on this Rose Day and make her feel special. People propose to their crush or partners, on this day with a bunch of Roses or surprise gifts. Here we have listed below some of the activities to make Rose Day a special day to remember:

Rose Day Activities:

  • Gift a Red Rose to your beloved soul mate.
  • Plan for a surprise long drive and gift a Rose to your soul mate.
  • Couples who are childhood friends can visit their favorite place to strengthen their bond of togetherness.
  • Plan for a bunch of Roses to your crush or partners.
  • It’s time for couples to get reunited on this with gifting a Red Rose.

Rose Day in 2022