Valentines Week is celebrated every year with feelings of love, roses, propose, surprises and gifts. Explore dates and schedule for Valentine Week Calendar in 2025.

Valentine's Week 2025

A full week of love, caring and surprises begins on Rose day every year to mark the much awaited valentine’s week. For someone in love, or planning to propose someone, this is the right time spread across a full week where you can propose, exchange gifts and express your feelings with a beautiful message or love letter. Lovers around the globe wait for this weeklong affair, to celebrate each day beginning with Rose day and Propose Day. As the name signifies, the first two days provides an opportunity to celebrate with Roses and proposing someone you like the most respectively. Third day is dedicated for gifting Chocolates, and spending quality time with your soul mate. Teddy Day marks the fourth day in valentine week and gifting a sweet Teddy on this day is advisable. Promise Day is the next day observed by making a promise of love and staying together in ups and downs of life.

Hug Day is the next day or sixth day observed during valentine’s week. Hugging each other and spending quality time is quiet common on this day. Kiss Day is celebrated on the seventh day of this lovely week and it does not require an introduction like what lovers will do on this day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated at the end of Valentine week on Feb 14 and brings an end to weeklong celebrations of love, care, gifts and emotions.

Valentines Week Calendar 2025

Valentine's Calendar: Valentine Week List 2025

Get yourself ready with a detailed schedule of celebrations in the upcoming Valentine week with a day by day calendar. Check out dates for Valentine week celebrations with your soul mate in 2025.

February 7, 2025 - Rose Day

It’s the month of love and what better to celebrate Cupid’s birthday than with grand gestures to make your significant other feel special? Valentine’s Day is a globally celebrated day dedicated to all things lovey-dovey. Rightfully so, the week ahead of the universal day of love begins with the timeless symbol of love – the rose. A lone stem of red rose speaks profoundly when it comes to expressing one’s true feelings. Not only the royal red, but all roses enjoy a cryptic authority on this day, for a pink rose signifies admiration whereas a yellow one is symbolic with platonic love. So, when you see colossal bouquets of roses being delivered around you on 7th February, or one close-bud being passed between a couple like a secret, know that the week of Valentine’s has ushered in!

February 8, 2025 - Propose Day

One of the biggest hurdles many love-struck people face is the monumental task of confessing their feelings to their love interest. Propose Day brings the perfect opportunity to make magic happen! So, admirer all the courage and plan the best way to express their love on the 8th of February. Some take a leap of faith and make the occasion even more special by popping the big question to their beloved. Whether it is a secret-admirer asking their crush out on a date or a lover asking their beau to marry them, Proposal Day surely is a day of beautiful beginnings.

February 9, 2025 - Chocolate Day

Continuing to spread cheer and sweetness in their relationships by gifting assorted chocolates and other candies to erase any bitterness of the past. A sweet treat loved young and old, chocolates evoke both sensual and happy emotions whoever receives it. No wonder chocolate boxes of all kinds and sizes sell like hot cakes on 9th February. A day to pamper loved ones with all the sinfully delicious confectionery, Chocolate Day is possibly the most cherished and equally awaited day by young lovebirds and those celebrating a platonic love during the Valentine week.

February 10, 2025 - Teddy Day

The cuddly-mushy feeling we all get when we think about our significant others is the essence of Teddy Day. Taking the cuteness to another level, 10th February is when stuffed toys are in high demand and the phrase “the bigger, the better” is taken quite seriously. The idea behind gifting a teddy is to pass on the warmth and affection one feels for their beau so their beloved always feels their presence. Funnily, some gift-givers find the task of getting the cutest stuffed toy to be a mind-boggling.

February 11, 2025 - Promise Day

Bringing in the fifth day of Valentine’s Day with emotions riding high, 11th February is the day when couples take a moment to appreciate their love. To mark the day, they solidify their bond with a vow to always be devoted to each other. All romantic relationships need a lot of dedicated nurturing for the connection to withstand all the challenges that are a part and parcel of life. Promise Day acts as a momentary pause to reflect on the blessing of a loved one and spoken word to make it last.

February 12, 2025 - Hug Day

In case there is ever a reason needed to give a long, tight hug to a loved one – whether or not it’s your romantic partner, February 12th is the day to do it. As Valentine’s Day approaches close, Hug Day is an excuse to shower people you love with an abundance of some happy hormones and make their day! So, go and tackle your favorite in a bear hug, they’ll be happy to be on the receiving end.

February 13, 2025 - Kiss Day

Whether given as a peck on the cheek, on the forehead or on the lips, a kiss is the purest expression of love one can express physically. After promising an eternity of blissful togetherness, sweetened with chocolate, 13th February is the day to seal it for good! For the lucky ones who confessed their love and were showered with equal emotions reciprocated, Kiss Day is the cherry on top for a super special Valentine’s Day celebrations that lay ahead.

February 14, 2025 - Valentine's Day

It may be the end of the week-long of love-filled events, but it’s also the D-Day when couples go all out on making sure their partner feels the most special and loved in every possible way. Men and women both try to outdo each other in pampering their paramours. From showering them with flowers, gifts, and jewelry, to sweeping their lover off to a romantic dinner or even a weekend getaway, everyone’s got a unique way to make 14th February extra special than the last year.

Valentines Week in 2025