The satellite city of Faridabad in NCR is currently home to 2 million people. Explore more details on population growth, sex ratio and literacy rate in Faridabad.

Population of Faridabad (2022)

Faridabad with a total population of 2 million people is the most populous city in state of Haryana. The city which forms a part of Delhi NCR Region is a known Industrial Hub of Haryana with wide range of manufacturing units and commercial establishments. Faridabad houses corporate offices and manufacturing factories of all large scale companies majority of them dealing in auto parts manufacturing industry. Faridabad city mainly consists of industrial, commercial and residential areas which are allocated in their respective sector. Rapid Urbanization and convenient location near the national capital makes Faridabad an ideal choice for both residential as well as commercial interest of people and Businesses.

Population of Faridabad is showing an upward movement as compared with last held census of India in 2011. With a yearly growth of 2.4% people, Population of Faridabad in current year 2022 is estimated to be 2,001,523. This figure was recorded to be 1,957,869 and 1,914,569 in 2021 and 2020 respectively. Growth of Commercial Industries and better metro connectivity are few of the reasons for Population growth in Faridabad.

What is the total Population of Faridabad

Total Population of Faridabad city in 2022 is estimated to be over 2,001,523 (2 million) people, an yearly growth of over 43,654 people. With current growth rate, Population of Faridabad es estimated to be over 3 million by 2028.

Population of Faridabad city Data in Numbers
City population in 2022 2,001,523 (2 million)
Total Males 1,045,893 (2021)
Total No of Females in Faridabad 911,976 (2021)
Literacy Rate in Faridabad 83.04%